Barika, our Story

Barika, which means “blessing” in Arabic, represents quite simply the freshest African coffee on the planet. We source only the highest quality coffee beans, all grown and harvested in rich African soil.

By specializing in direct trade with African coffee farmers, dealing with the same farmers and co-ops annually, and working to increase the number of beans purchased, we help to build trade relationships with these farmers and communities. We are able to actively see how purchases of Barika Coffee are directly benefitting the source.

Together with this the S4J fundraising initiative further assists the people of this region with various humanitarian projects.

The SSNET Connection

Barika is SSNET’s own coffee brand which we sell to fund our work in Sudan and South Sudan. The projects we are involved in and help fund are the following:

We also take part in various networking initiatives which assist the people in these countries in practical ways eg. creating the right connections to smooth the importing of Bibles to risky regions of Sudan and South Sudan.

A Story from the mission field

While in South Sudan we were flown to a village called Nimule in the south. We had to fly as the roads were not safe due to the civil war. We were then taken to the village where we had funded the drilling of a waterhole. It was such an emotional experience.

The chief spoke and thanked us for the water and then his wife said this: “We used to carry water from the town to our village on our heads in buckets. Because of this labour our hair at the top our heads stopped growing. Now that we have this borehole, we do not have to carry on our heads anymore so the hair will grow back. Thank you for allowing us to be beautiful again.” Enough said!